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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I mail you my flowers?
Great question! Please read our Mailing Instruction Page for details. It is best to remove all the flower petals from the stems.  We will not use any of the stem or greenery so you do not send them. All flowers should be mailed in a box.  It is very important that flowers are not placed in plastic as they will mold.

Will the Rosary Beads turn black?
No, our rosary beads are not 100% rose petal beads.  We use other ingredients which help maintain the color and durability of the bead.

How long will it take to make my rosaries?
Due to the time involved making flower petal rosaries our processing time is estimated as of 2015 is 12-13 months, in accordance with the Attorney General of NYS.

Will the rosary smell like roses?
All of our flower petal beads will have a scent, which will eventually go away; depending on how fresh the flowers are when we receive them. You may rub a small amount of rose oil on the beads or inside the case to get a stronger rose smell. If you want us to add the rose oil for you just right it on your order form!

Where do I mail my flowers?
Keepsake Rosaries, 25 Hester Place Garnerville, NY 10923
Have a look at our Contact Us page for more information.

Can rosaries be made only with rose petals?
No, we do not just make rose petal rosaries.  Any flower can be used to make a floral/flower petal rosary.

Do my flowers have to be fresh?
No, both fresh and dried flowers can be used to make a flower petal rosary.

How many flowers do you need for one (1) flower petal keepsake rosary?
Two (2) to four (4) flowers are needed to make one (1) flower petal keepsake rosary depending on the size of the flower.  Any extra flowers that are sent to us will be held by us for two (2) years. 

How will my handmade flower petal rosary be shipped back to me?
We will you we ship all packages First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Although not required Insurance is always recommended; please let us know if you wish to purchase insurance from the USPS. As of June 1, 2015 $2.25 covers every $100.00. For example, if your order is $230 to insure the entire order your total would be $6.45, not $4.30.

What if my floral rosary, chaplet or necklace breaks?
If your handmade floral rosary breaks or you are unhappy with it call or email us immediately and we will do what we can we can to rectify the situation. Please see our disclaimer and handling instruction page for more information.

 How do I get payment to you?
We accept check or money order or cashier's check that can be mailed along with your flowers.  You may pay 1/2 of your balance at time of order. We can also send you a credit card invoice. We will contact you when your order is soon complete for the remaining balance. If you wish we can also send you a picture of your items.

 Can I pay in Cash?
Cash is only acceptable if you are local and we are picking up the flowers from you.  You may also pay in cash if you are dropping of your flowers locally. Cash should never be sent through the mail.

What is the Rosary?
The rosary comes from the Latin word rosarium meaning Rose Garden.  For more information on the rosary please see our Rose Garden, Prayer, Mystery and Pray the Rosary pages.

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