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Keepsake Rosaries Site Map

Home: Our Front Page, Keepsake Rosaries specializes in Wedding Rosaries and Funeral Rosaries.

Flower Petal Rosaries Gallery of Rose petal rosary examples. Any color flower or rose can be used, in our recipe we can manipulate the color to give you the color of your choice.

Handmade Flower Petal Chaplets: Catalog of chaplets including our  originally designed St. Christopher car chaplet.  New chaplet: St. Peregrine Patron Saint of Cancer Patients.

Flower Petal Jewelry: Unique, beautiful, one of a kind jewelry handcrafted from your flower petals. Photo Gallery of all of our current flower petal jewelry. Main page of rose petal jewelry catalog.

Keepsake Bracelets: Photo Gallery of our current flower petal (rose) bracelets. New bracelet includes "Josie" made of flower petals, Swarovski crystal and gold filled beads.  Also added to catalog

Keepsake Necklace: Complete catalog of necklaces including new vermeil toggle clasp; build a necklace.

Flower Petal Key Chains Each of our key rings are handmade from your rose petals, remember any flower can be used. Three new key rings added including "One Decade Rosary"

Flower Petal Earrings & Rings: Sterling silver and 14k gold earrings, post and hanging (dangle). Sterling silver flower petal rings.

Keepsake Pendants: These pendants are a perfect keepsake for people for those who do not pray the rosary. The unisex items are great for both men and women of all faiths.  Any flower can be used to make these keepsakes

Flower Petal Keepsake Bookmarks: Faith, Cross and Angel bookmarks all made from flower petals. New bookmarks to be added soon.

Crosses & Medals: Complete listing of silver filigree medal and crosses to choose from.

Gold Finished Crosses & Medals: Complete listing of gold finished medal and crosses to choose from.

Price List: Price List for Silver Filigree rosaries and Gold Filled Rosaries. 

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions such as how many flowers are needed and whether they need to be fresh or dried as well as many more.

Contact Us: Our complete address, phone number and email address.  Questions and comments are always welcomed.

Catholic Links:  We have found these links to be very informative and interesting. Listing of our funeral home and florists that we partner with. New links are always welcomed.

Pray the Rosary: Detailed instructions on how to pray the rosary on your handmade flower petal rosary.

Prayer Page: Prayers of the Holy Rosary.

Guest book: Here are some of the beautiful things they have said about the flower petal rosaries, chaplets and jewelry they received. Also available 2004, 2005 and 2006 guest books.

Disclaimer:  Disclaimer and handling instructions for your flower petal rosaries.

Rose Garden: What is the Holy Rosary?

Rose Petal Rosary: Transform your roses or rose petals for the ultimate in Flower Preservation.

St. Jude: St. Jude patron saint of loss causes, chaplet prayer.

St. Teresa: The "Little Flower" 25 rose bead chaplet.

St. Christopher: Patron St. of travelers' car rosary or pocket rosary.

Funeral Flower Rosary: Pictures of funeral flowers being transformed to a lasting heirloom rosary.

French Pronunciation software:  article written by Michelle's lovely sister-in-law Carol Sabbar and information on her Voyelles Francaises software.

About Keepsake Rosaries: The flower petal bead process, information on Michelle, Keepsake Rosaries,  funeral home partnerships and more.1

Auto Rosaries: One decade Chaplets with magnetic clasps for easy assembly onto rearview mirror. Page shows multiple choices of center medals.

Keepsake Rosaries Recycles: Information on what we do with recycle boxes bags. We don't just recycle your flower petals! Go Green!